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I am  a Libran, born on October 15. One astrologer told me that all October-born people are basically dreamers who weigh the pros and cons on the scales for long time, allowing opportunities to slip away! (How true!). There could be a plethora of such instances of missed chances in every Libran's life. Mine was no exception. In case you're curious to know of such misses, near misses and loses, read my short stories. Most stories were based on true incidents - heartrending and poignant to me, but perhaps hilarious and funny to others because I have spiced these incidents with a mild coat of humor. Read the Written Words ? for it is all about my pursuit in literary field and my attempt to bridge the rainbow with love.


I am an IT professional having spent more than thirty years in front of all types of computers, from antique DOS to laptops and trying to learn new and newer languages that propped up everyday. But the language I loved most was English -  British English, because writing had always been in my blood. However, I discovered that literary pursuit was not a lucrative career to follow (at least in India), unless you've connections in the publishing world or you've become an established writer. My writing was therefore limited to a pastime hobby. I wrote several short stories from personal experience (as you would discover from the Story Board) and got them published in various leading English magazines / newspapers in India and abroad.  I was thrilled when one of my short stories "Bridging the Rainbow"  was selected to be included in "The WritersNet Anthology of Prose" edited by Gary D Kessler, and published in October 2002.

You may also look up my name in the list of authors in    My name appears there under my pseudonym Vijay P Nair. Visit for further information. 


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