Vijay Poolakkal 

A Writer's Notebook

About Me

I was born in The Nilgiris, the picturesque hill resort of Tamil Nadu, South India. My father was working at a Tea Estate in Mango Range at that time.  The hospital where I was born is depicted here,  Ours is a small family - I've 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I'm at sixth.  We've lots of cousins, nephews and nieces.  (Please click on Picture Gallery to see how small our family is!) 

We belong to a famous nair taravad* of Calicut. Like all Malabar Nairs, we took our mother's taravad name Poolakkal.  After a short stint of schooling at Calicut, I moved to Calcutta and  took my graduation from Calcutta University.  A major part of my life was spent in Calcutta.  Naturally many of my earlier short stories reflected the life in Calcutta. Years later, when I left Calcutta, the government changed the city's name to Kolkata.

I'm now settled in Alwaye, in Ernakulam District, Kerala. Married to Nirmala. We've two sons - Sajiv and Ajit. Their names appear in some of my short stories. Read on. 

 *ancestral home

Literary Pursuit

Though not a prolific writer,  my short stories / articles have appeared in various leading English Magazines / Newspapers in India. First published in Shanker's Weekly in 1975. Unfortunately, this magazine ceased publication during the Emergency period. A collection of my short stories under the title "The Curse And Other Tales" was brought out by McGraw Publishing Inc., Texas, USA in 2000.

One of my stories, ?Bridging The Rainbow?, can be read  in The Writersnet Anthology of Prose (Fiction) edited by Gary D Kassler, published by Writers Club Press (October 2002). This book is a collection of the best of the material submitted by writers across four continents, both published and unpublished.


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