Vijay Poolakkal 

A Writer's Notebook

A novel titled "Half True Half Lie"

The sense of humour has long disappeared from our life and we have forgotten to laugh.  Whether it is an upsetting relationship, or a challenging situation, we tend to miss the funny side of it and allow desperation to set in. This is a humble effort to revive laughter, and I present before you a few pages from my life, spiced with salt and pepper for flavour and taste.  That is why this story is titled as "half-true half lie".  The end result, I am sure, will generate a load of delicious chortles. However, this is not an autobiography.   You can view this novel at

You may also take a look at my book which is a collection of jokes, interesting episodes, limericks, facts, amusing news intended to kill your idle time.  It is aptly titled "Idle Time Killer."  Find this book at,

I have also edited and compiled stories about our legendary Hindi playback singer Mohammed Rafi and brought out in a book form titled "Remembering Mohammed Rafi."  You can view this book at

This black and white photograph on the left is one that Mohammed Rafi signed and given to us in 1959.


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